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For commercially insured patients, Co-pay savings can Start here

At Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, we know that access to your medication is important. That's why we created a prescription co-pay savings program that's simple to use and can help eligible patients with out-of-pocket costs. It's easy to find out if you're eligible and to activate your co-pay card. Select your medication below to get started.

This offer is not valid for cash-paying patients or under Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state program.
Limitations apply. See Program Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid only for those with commercial insurance and who have a valid prescription. This offer is not valid under Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state program, for cash-paying patients, where product is not covered by patient's commercial insurance, or where plan reimburses you for entire cost of your prescription drug. This offer is not valid where prohibited by law and is only valid in the United States and Puerto Rico. Limitations may apply to Massachusetts and California residents. Age restrictions may apply.
  • This program is not health insurance. The offer may not be combined with any other rebate, coupon, or other offer(s).
  • The card you will receive is the property of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation and must be returned upon request. Novartis reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend the program without notice.
  • You certify responsibility for complying with applicable limitations, if any, of any commercial insurance and reporting receipt of program rewards, if necessary, to any commercial insurer.
  • Present this offer and your insurance card along with a valid prescription at any participating pharmacy or through mail order.
  • Patients with commercial insurance may be responsible for a portion of the co-pay or coinsurance, and the program will pay the remaining amount, until the program maximum is reached. (Specific offer varies by brand. See brand card for details.) After the program maximum is reached, patient will be responsible for the difference.
  • When you use this offer, you are certifying that you understand the program rules, regulations, and terms and conditions, and that you will disclose and report the use of this offer as may be required by your insurer.
  • You are not eligible if prescriptions are paid by any federal or state program, or where prohibited by law; and you will otherwise comply with the terms and conditions above.
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply.
  • Questions should be directed to: 1-844-685-3406.